What is KME-ERI

KME-ERI is a new generation ultra-sensitive biofeedback system that improves overall quality of life.

It provides real-time information about processes in the human body at the cellular, organ and whole-body levels.

KME-ERI uses spectral-dynamic compensation, making it a new scientific breakthrough in physics.

This method helps to tune vital processes and can reverse disease progression.


Analysis procedure

KME ERI skenování pacienta

1. Scan the client

Non-invasive measurement of the electric field of a person with a special probe, lasting 35 seconds.

The client holds a KME-ERI probe in hand. After a short calibration, the complete electric field is read out and the measured values are transferred to the computer.

KME ERI analýza dat

2. Data analysis

The data from the KME-ERI probe is evaluated by a specially developed analytical program and compared to an extensive online database containing the results of thousands of clients worldwide.

KME ERI kompenzace

3. Compensation

Based on previous measurements and analysis by the specialist, the KME-ERI probe sends a specially tuned frequency signal that adjusts the electric field ratios to the membrane level of the client’s cells.

Frequently asked questions about KME-ERI

Is KME qualified as a medical device?

Yes, the KME system is classified as "Class 1" in accordance with the European Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EEG.

What is the difference between ERI ™ and KME?

The ERI ™ edition is perfect for fitness and nutrition-related scanning. Easy to use anywhere, in the office or on the move. Your KME system can provide a comprehensive analysis and utilize advanced hand sensor technology to provide balanced recommendations for self-healing processes in the body. The use of the KME system is for professionals with medical education.

Is the KME method scientifically based?

Yes. The KME method is based on profiles (markers). These profiles are composed of descriptions of diseases, products, biological processes and thus are visualized using Wavelet technology and defined as profiles. Wavelet technique, primarily mathematically determines the three-dimensional structure of profiles. More information on Wavelet technology can be found at

How long does a scan take?

The scanning process itself takes between 35 to 60 seconds.

What is self-healing compensation?

The KME system allows self-healing processes to be supported by scanning and by providing advanced inverse signals with an advanced handheld sensor.


What is the principle of the KME-ERI device?

Because human is a unique, unrepeatable being, his manifestations and symptoms are unique. Therefore, it is necessary to approach each person individually.

More than 50 trillion cells communicate with each other in our body, so we must look at this complex system as a whole.

Information exchange between cells of human body must be running, so this perfect system can work well. In case the integrity and balance of this system breaks at some point, it leads to defect, which then affects all other processes like a domino effect.

Transmission of the impulse information happens on the cell membrane by electrically charged particles. In multicellular organisms, there is electrical voltage on the cell surface. This surface voltage is constantly changing and creating electric field.

Stress analysis

With the latest nanotechnology, KME-ERI can measure the dynamics of changes in the electric field of the whole body and capture even the finest emissions of the electrical field of organs.

The captured signal is then digitized and compared with a database of indications based on the “Wavelet Transform” mathematical model.

After analyzing and finding the cause, the probe sends back the compensation signal and thereby adjusts the electrical conditions on the cell membrane.

This technology was invented by the Swiss company CME SWISS and has been successfully used in many countries on thousands of clients.


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