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Frequently asked questions

Is KME qualified as a medical device?

Yes, the KME system is classified as "Class 1" in accordance with the European Medical Devices Directive 93/42 / EEG.

What is the difference between ERI ™ and KME?

The ERI ™ edition is perfect for fitness and nutrition-related scanning. Easy to use anywhere, in the office or on the move. Your KME system can provide a comprehensive analysis and utilize advanced hand sensor technology to provide balanced recommendations for self-healing processes in the body. The use of the KME system is for professionals with medical education.

Is the KME method scientifically based?

Yes. The KME method is based on profiles (markers). These profiles are composed of descriptions of diseases, products, biological processes and thus are visualized using Wavelet technology and defined as profiles. Wavelet technique, primarily mathematically determines the three-dimensional structure of profiles. More information on Wavelet technology can be found at

How long does a scan take?

The scanning process itself takes between 35 to 60 seconds.

What is self-healing compensation?

The KME system allows self-healing processes to be supported by scanning and by providing advanced inverse signals with an advanced handheld sensor.

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